Bitmap Fonts in Cocos2d-x

This article describes the process of creating a bitmap’d font, using the GIMP image editor, the image-magick suite, and some home-brewed C-code. It also describes how to use the font in the Cocos2d-x/Android-Studio development environment.

For this project you will need:

  • Bash (Sorry, moved from MSWindows to Ubuntu and have never looked back – script might be translatable to MSDOS),
  • GIMP image editor (for creating the bitmap font strip),
  • Image-magick suite (splits font strip from Gimp into individual images),
  • A C++ compiler (g++, or clang are good – for compiling my code snippet),
  • TexturePacker (free version, to glue all letters into sprite sheet),
  • A Cocos2d-x project (to include your sprite-sheet into a game/app), and,
  • the Android Studio IDE (to compile the Cocos2d-x project).

I actually wrote this post some time ago but since then my OS has had to be re-imaged and surprise, surprise, that’s where MySQL saves its database – fortunately my development environment was all on the /home partition. I’ve, in the interim, learned how to move my MySQL database to a safe location so hopefully that won’t happen again. I’ve also gotten smarter and installed a WordPress plugin to back my system up off-site (including the MySQL database).

Now, if I can remember what I wrote before…

Let me know how this works for you. I’ll try to help if you are having problems, time permitting.

If you have a bitmap font of which you are particularly proud let me know and I will link it on the example post above. Good luck!

Bitmap Fonts in Cocos2d-x

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