Debugging Bison/Yacc Grammars

Inevitably when you write Bison/Yacc grammars you will run into a grammatical errors. In this case the grammar was my LBNF grammar (, Fortran.y, Fortran.l) for Fortran and I’m running the terminal.for module from the old Galaxy program through my ‘go’ script (current files: debugging.7z). Here’s the terminal output from my script run. Interspersed with […]

Split Linear Font File

An image of the linear alphabet isn’t going to do us much good so we need to split it down into individual letters. Splitting Into Individual Letters: To split this long image of the alphabet into individual characters I created a ‘bash'(linux) script. It uses the Image-Magick ‘convert’ program to do two things. First convert […]

Bitmap Fonts in Cocos2d-x

This article describes the process of creating a bitmap’d font, using the GIMP image editor, the image-magick suite, and some home-brewed C-code. It also describes how to use the font in the Cocos2d-x/Android-Studio development environment. For this project you will need: Bash (Sorry, moved from MSWindows to Ubuntu and have never looked back – script […]

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