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15 new (and 1 WTF) Android games from the last week: The best, worst, and everything in between (7/25/21 | 7/31/21)


Facebook AI Open-Sources 'Droidlet', A Platform For Building Robots With Natural Language Processing And Computer Vision To Understand The World Around Them | MarkTechPost


WayDroid can run Android apps on Linux without slowdowns

Google & Northwestern U Present Provably Efficient Learning Algorithms for Neural Networks | Synced


OpenAI releases Triton, a programming language for AI workload optimization | VentureBeat

OpenAI proposes open-source Triton language as an alternative to Nvidia’s CUDA | ZDNet

How to Manage Linux Network Connections from the Command Line – CloudSavvy IT

DeepMind Researchers Introduce Epistemic Neural Networks (ENNs) For Uncertainty Modeling In Deep Learning | MarkTechPost


MBZUAI's Eric Xing warns of AI 'atomic bomb' | WIRED Middle East

Image Denoising using AutoEncoders -A Beginner's Guide

How to Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

How to Make a 3D Printed Selfie With Your Phone | Tom’s Hardware


Google AI Introduces A Pull-Push Denoising Algorithm and Polyblur: A Deblurring Method That Eliminates Noise And Blur In Images | MarkTechPost

Extending Human Lifespans: Using Artificial Intelligence To Find Anti-Aging Chemical Compounds

Deep Learning |Plunging into Deep Learning carrying a red wine

Data Pre-Processing | Cook the data for your Machine Learning Algorithm


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Responsible Machine Learning | R-bloggers

Some Advanced OpenCV Functions For Your Computer Vision Projects

Rapsberry Pi makes this film camera digital | Popular Photography

Python zip() Function – Explained with Code Examples

OpenAI Reveals Details About Its Deep Learning Model 'Codex': The Backbone Of Github's 'Copilot' Tool | MarkTechPost

Guide to NLP’s Textrank Algorithm

Does the Rise of Neurotech Spell the End of Humanity as We Know it? | Neuroscience

Apple's Machine Learning Researchers Have Developed A No-Code AI Platform Called 'Trinity' For Complex Spatial Datasets | MarkTechPost

3D Printing Industry-The Authority on 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing


Top 3 Ways to Write Your Tensorflow Code | Analytics Vidhya

Researchers Hid Malware Inside an AI’s ‘Neurons’ and It Worked Scarily Well

It’s All Training Data: Using Lessons from Machine Learning to Retrain Your Mind

Google AI Introduces A Multi-Task Learning (MTL) Architecture, Called Sequential Sub-Network Routing (SeqSNR), For Multi-task Prediction of Organ Dysfunction in ICUs | MarkTechPost

DeepMind publishes A.I.-predicted structures for most human proteins in a giant leap for biology | Fortune

Brain-Computer Interfaces as Addictive as Opioids: Researchers

Brain-computer interface researchers warn of a 'bleak' cyberpunk future – unless we tread carefully • The Register

All The ML Papers Submitted By Apple At ICML 2021

5 Python projects for absolute beginners to learn programming | TechGig


PEARC21 Panel: Wafer-Scale-Engine Technology Accelerates Machine Learning, HPC

Facebook AI Introduces 'ConViT', A Computer Vision Model That Improves Vision Transformers (ViT) With Soft Convolutional Inductive Biases | MarkTechPost

Entropy + Algebra + Topology = ?


Using Neural Networks for Your Recommender System | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Researchers from IBM, MIT and Harvard Announced The Release Of DARPA “Common Sense AI” Dataset Along With Two Machine Learning Models At ICML 2021 | MarkTechPost

Mind and Matter: Modeling the Human Brain With Machine Learning | Neuroscience News

Mind and matter: Modeling the human brain with machine learning

Brain 'Noise' Keeps Nerve Connections Young | Neuroscience News

Bleak Cyborg Future From Brain-Computer Interfaces if We're Not Careful | Neuroscience News


Transforming Brain Waves into Words with AI | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Speed Up Your Python Codebases With C Extensions | by Nicholas Obert | Better Programming

Software Architecture with C++, Book Review | C++ Stories

Quanta Magazine

PyTorch: Training your first Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) | PyImageSearch

How to Make Your Bash Scripts Hardware Aware – CloudSavvy IT

Can consciousness be explained by quantum physics? My research takes us a step closer to finding out

A Python-based programming language for high-performance computational genomics | Nature Biotechnology


Why 90% of machine learning models never hit the market

OpenAI Codex shows the limits of large language models | VentureBeat

How to learn Git slowly. | DEV Community


Don’t mistake OpenAI Codex for a programmer


OpenAI disbands its robotics research team | VentureBeat

Convolution Neural Network | Better Understanding! | Analytics Vidhya

A Paralyzed Man’s Brain Waves Converted to Speech in a World-First Breakthrough


IBM shows quantum computers can solve these problems that classical computers find hard | ZDNet


Quanta Magazine


Word2Vec For Word Embeddings -A Beginner's Guide | Analytics Vidhya

Guide to Reinforcement Learning with Python and TensorFlow

Google launches Android Game Development Kit |


Google Integrates TensorFlow Lite with Android, Adds Automatic Acceleration

Computer vision startup Algolux secures $23 million CAD Series B round


Cornell and Harvard University Researchers Develops Correlation Convolutional Neural Networks (CCNN): To Determine Which Correlations Are Most Important | MarkTechPost

A new open source operating system for embedded systems |


Building artificial intelligence: Reward is not enough – TechTalks


The Linux Foundation gets into game development with new Open 3D Foundation | TechRepublic

Linux Fu: PDF For Penguins | Hackaday

Interested in building 3D models? Try this free drone scanning software.

Edit PDFs on the Linux command line |


What OpenAI and GitHub’s “AI pair programmer” means for the software industry – TechTalks

Enroll Today: A Run-Down on Top Free AI and ML Courses in 2021


6 Most common AI & ML job interview questions you must prepare for | TechGig


This Week in Programming: GitHub Copilot, Copyright Infringement and Open Source Licensing – The New Stack

Google AI Introduces A Machine Learning Based System For Game Developers To Quickly And Efficiently Train Game-Testing Agents | MarkTechPost


Secure AI is the foundation of trustworthy AI | Help Net Security

Grokking self-supervised (representation) learning: how it works in computer vision and why | AI Summer

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