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OpenAI Announces 12 Billion Parameter Code-Generation AI Codex

Nvidia's New Voice A.I. Sounds Just Like a Real Person | Digital Trends

How my team built an open source learning experience platform |

Deserialization bug in TensorFlow machine learning framework allowed arbitrary code execution | The Daily Swig

7 Open-Source CMS WordPress Alternatives


Linux/BSD command line wizardry: Learn to think in sed, awk, and grep | Ars Technica

Google's New AI Photo Upscaling Tech is Jaw-Dropping | PetaPixel


20 Quirky and Interesting Machine Learning Interview Questions


The stars are aligning for federal IT open source software adoption – TechCrunch


How To Recover Deleted Files From Any Drive in Linux | Tom’s Hardware


The dos and don’ts of machine learning research – TechTalks


Why the games industry needs a new engine | PC Gamer

We asked, you answered: Your 50 favorite sci-fi and fantasy books of the past decade

Text mining Star Trek dialogue and classifying characters using machine learning | R-bloggers

Setting new expectations for open source maintainers |

How to Install and Use Neofetch on Linux

How to add watermark on images using OpenCV in Python

High-Paying Artificial Intelligence Job Profiles in 2021


Google Researchers Enable Transformers to Solve Compositional NLP Tasks | Synced

Deepmind Introduces PonderNet, A New AI Algorithm That Allows Artificial Neural Networks To Learn To “Think For A While” Before Answering | MarkTechPost


Brain-computer interfaces are making big progress this year | VentureBeat


What is federated learning? | VentureBeat

The multifaceted eBPF Linux program gets its own foundation | ZDNet

AI startup turns on real-time deep learning system for enterprises | ZDNet


Without Code for DeepMind’s Protein AI, This Lab Wrote Its Own | WIRED


'Bitcoin Family' hides bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin in secret vaults

TruEra Open Sources 'TruLens', A Cross-Framework Python Library For Deep Learning Explainability | MarkTechPost

Can AI Replace Lawyers? Researchers Say Machine Learning Can Help Predict Summary Judgment Outcomes | Technology News

AI21 Labs trains a massive language model to rival OpenAI's GPT-3 | VentureBeat


OpenAI’s New Algorithm Can Turn Written Commands Into Code

OpenAI launches Codex, an API for translating natural language into code | VentureBeat

OpenAI can translate English into code with its new machine learning software Codex | The Verge

Machine learning discovers new sequences to boost drug delivery

A Soft, Wearable Brain–Machine Interface | IEEE Spectrum

Artificial intelligence could be used to diagnose dementia | Dementia | The Guardian


To create AGI, we need a new theory of intelligence | VentureBeat

200-year-old TikTok treasure hunt is every puzzler's dream | Armchair Escapist


Google AI Introduces 'Translatotron 2', A Neural Direct Speech-To-Speech Translation Model Without The Deepfake Potential | MarkTechPost


Bosch starts machine learning trials with


Is DeepMind’s new reinforcement learning system a step toward general AI? | VentureBeat

DeepMind & Google Use Neural Networks to Solve Mixed Integer Programs | Synced


Need developers, project managers or CIOs? Watch out, because the rules of tech hiring are changing | ZDNet

Updated: 2022-Jul-24 22:38

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