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Top 10 Machine Learning Hackathons for AI Professionals in 2021

Google Research Introduces 'SCENIC': An Open-Source JAX Library For Computer Vision Research | MarkTechPost

A Guide to Self-Supervised Learning in Computer Vision


Top Universities Providing Free Programming Language Courses

Scientists Identify the Cause of Alzheimer’s Progression in the Brain – Very Different Than Previously Thought


Top Advanced Usage of Python Programming that You Must Know


Top 10 Python Bootcamps for the Students to Attend in 2021

Introducing Pathways: A next-generation AI architecture

GitHub | NVlabs/stylegan2-ada: StyleGAN2 with adaptive discriminator augmentation (ADA) | Official TensorFlow implementation

Gain the skills that will allow you to start 2022 as a Linux pro | TechRepublic

C++23 ISO Progress


What to Know Before Taking Google's Machine Learning or Data Science Course

Top 6 Artificial Intelligence Technologies

The 50-year-old problem that eludes theoretical computer science | MIT Technology Review

How to Find a Mentor and Get Started in Open Source – The New Stack


Top 10 Deep Learning Techniques Data Scientists Should Know About

Four Basic Steps in Data Preparation | KDnuggets

Bash String Manipulation | Earthly Blog


Training a DCGAN in PyTorch | PyImageSearch

Learn To Reproduce Papers: Beginner’s Guide | KDnuggets

C++ Smart Pointers and Arrays | C++ Stories

All-optical processors could compute any linear transformation, machine learning reveals | Physics World

AI Chatbot | Complete Guide to build your AI Chatbot with NLP in Python

4 Tips to Improve Your Python Code | by Nik Piepenbreier | Oct, 2021 | Better Programming


Top 10 Boot Camps to Learn Machine Learning in 2021


Shell Scripting Basics: Beginner's Guide | DEV Community

Face Mesh Application using OpenCV and dlib | Analytics Vidhya

Calculate Your Code Performance | DEV Community


What is a Convolutional Neural Network? | MarkTechPost


Using Machine Learning to Denoise Images for Better OCR Accuracy | PyImageSearch

The Age of Machine Learning As Code Has Arrived

NIT Warangal Offers 5-day Online Course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Rs 500


Google Tensor: Everything you need to know about the Pixel 6 chip | ZDNet


Steam Play tool Luxtorpeda for running games in native Linux engines sees a major upgrade | GamingOnLinux

Machine Learning: Esperanto coaxes 1092 RISC-V Processors to Dance on the Head of a Pin, er Chip – EEJournal

Developing Artificial Intelligence That “Thinks” Like Humans

Cheat sheet of useful Bash commands and scripts | Better Programming


Top 10 C++ Frameworks for Machine Learning in 2021

The 2021 machine learning, AI, and data landscape | VentureBeat

How does a Mouse know when you move it? || How Does a Computer Mouse Work? | YouTube


DeepMind Introduces 'RGB-Stacking': A Reinforcement Learning Based Approach For Tackling Robotic Stacking of Diverse Shapes | MarkTechPost


The 20 Python Packages You Need For Machine Learning and Data Science | KDnuggets


"Game Development in Eight Bits" by Kevin Zurawel | YouTube


Better Linux Gaming With Steam and Proton | Tom’s Hardware


TextBlob | Making Natural Language Processing easy with TextBlob

Google Is (Still) Pioneering Artificial Intelligence | The Motley Fool


Pygame Car Racing Tutorial #1 | Moving The Car | YouTube


Reinforcement learning improves game testing, AI team finds | VentureBeat


Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS Spotted on Raspberry Pi | Tom’s Hardware

OpenCV Contour Approximation | PyImageSearch

Linux tar Command – How to Compress Files in Linux


MIT Researchers Open-Source Approximate Matrix Multiplication Algorithm MADDNESS


Donald Knuth on Machine Learning and the Meaning of Life – The New Stack


Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms Every Engineer Should Know

Introduction to Deep Learning in Julia | Analytics Vidhya

AutoML: Using Auto-Sklearn and Auto-PyTorch | DZone AI


Is your machine learning training set biased? How to develop new drugs based on merged datasets

Intel Introduces Loihi 2 Neuroprocessing Chip & Lava API For Deep Learning

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