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How Brains Seamlessly Switch Between Languages | Scientific American

Google, Cambridge U & Alan Turing Institute Propose PolyViT: A Universal Transformer for Image, Video, and Audio Classification | Synced

GitHub | divelab/DIG: A library for graph deep learning research

AsmREPL: Wing your way through x86-64 assembly language • The Register

Amazon Arms EC2 With Graviton3 CPUs, Trainium AI Accelerators | SDxCentral

All-optical computing based on convolutional neural networks


Why Adversarial Image Attacks Are No Joke | Unite.AI

13 exercises to boost your Linux skills | Enable Sysadmin


11 Useful Python One-Liners You Must Know


Look out Facebook, Apple has entered the Metaverse chat…with Canada's help | TechBomb News

Building artificial intelligence: staffing is the most challenging part | ZDNet


Machine learning solves the who’s who problem in NMR spectra of organic crystals

Distribution dashboard  |  Android Developers

Canonical want your feedback on Ubuntu Gaming | GamingOnLinux

Analyzing Starlink Satellite Downlink Communications With Software Defined Radio | Hackaday

A deep learning method to automatically enhance dog animations


Tips for formatting when printing to console from C++ |

Talking sense: using machine learning to understand quotes | | The Guardian

Linux Gaming with Ubuntu Desktop Part 1: Steam & Proton | Ubuntu

Astronomers Find Hundreds of New Worlds, Including Unusually Close Saturn-Sized Gas Giants


Surveillance, Companionship, and Entertainment: The Ancient History of Intelligent Machines | The MIT Press Reader

Spiking Neural Networks: where neuroscience meets artificial intelligence | AI Summer

In a crowded global market, Canadian AI startups’ fundraising results stand out – TechCrunch

All the Math You Need to Know in Artificial Intelligence


Using AWK with CSV Files | Earthly Blog

Artificial intelligence powers protein-folding predictions


ThunderScope, the Open Source Software-Defined Oscilloscope, Is Coming to Crowd Supply |

7 key components of observability in Python |


Python FastAPI crash course | DEV Community

Know about 10 popular open-source projects in the end of 2021! | DEV Community


Why hedge funds now love Python as a programming language | eFinancialCareers

Top 5 Easy and Top 5 Hard Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

New Tech Exposes Liars Through Telltale Activation of Facial Muscles | Neuroscience News

Imperial College London Researchers Propose A Novel Randomly Connected Neural Network For Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation In Computer Vision | MarkTechPost

Certified Associate in Python Programming | Kode Kloud

10 Best Python Courses for Beginners to Learn Online | DEV Community


OpenAI makes GPT-3 generally available through its API | VentureBeat

OpenAI ends developer waiting list for its GPT-3 API | Axios

How to make a Raspberry Pi film scanner | Raspberry Pi

Home | AI For Good

Dark web crooks are now teaching courses on how to build botnets | ZDNet

C Is The Greenest Programming Language | Hackaday

A Teensy Ice Breaker: The iCEBreaker-bitsy FPGA |

A Notion like Open-Source App is in Development | It’s FOSS News

7 Linux command-line tips for saving media file space |


Python News: What's New From October 2021? – Real Python

Polyphony Digital Helps New AI Deep Learning Study Using Gran Turismo – GTPlanet

How to get started with Rust for RISC-V Linux | DEV Community

How to Deploy Machine Learning(ML) Model on Android

Google Cloud teams up with NLP startup Cohere on multiyear partnership around TPUs – TechCrunch

GitHub Actions: You Can Build Reusable Workflows! | DEV Community

Become a highly paid Python programmer for just $35 | ZDNet

An Important Skill for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Practitioners | NVIDIA Developer Blog

20 one-line Linux commands to add to your toolbox | Enable Sysadmin


What is Infrastructure as Code? (Tutorial)

Snowflake adds Python option for developers • The Register

Qualcomm’s Next-Gen PC CPUs Are Coming in 2023 to Take on Apple

Open Source is enabling the "Tech for Good" movement · GitHub

Emergence of a compositional neural code for written words: Recycling of a convolutional neural network for reading | PNAS


What a TikTok star earning $120,000 a year spends in a month

Top 10 Machine Learning Projects to Boost Your Resume

The Rise (and Lessons Learned) of ML Models to Personalize Content on Home (Part I) : Spotify Engineering

Python Curses Tutorial #2 | Attributes and Colors | YouTube

Linux tips for using cron to schedule tasks |

Google AI Blog: MetNet-2: Deep Learning for 12-Hour Precipitation Forecasting Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

A deep learning technique for global field reconstruction with sparse sensors


The 8 Best Open-Source Project Management Software

How to flash firmware to Rockchip devices in Windows and Linux (2021 Edition) | CNX Software

How Fourier Transform is Used in Deep Learning?

A Complete Tutorial on Expert Systems


Psychologists have found that triggering large prediction errors helps to change false beliefs

Neural Network For Classification with Tensorflow | Analytics Vidhya


Lambeq, a Toolkit for Quantum Natural Language Processing – The New Stack

Dexterous robotic hands manipulate thousands of objects with ease | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Want to Become a Perfect Coder? Try Top Programming Projects

New Computer Program Can Read Any Genome Sequence and Decipher Its Genetic Code

Happy Birthday, TensorFlow

A neural network-based optimization technique inspired by the principle of annealing


Python Reverse String – String Reversal in Python Explained with Examples

GitHub | salesforce/Merlion: Merlion: A Machine Learning Framework for Time Series Intelligence

Computer Graphics and Deep Learning with NeRF using TensorFlow and Keras: Part 1 | PyImageSearch

A Beginner’s Guide to Hoeffding Tree with Python Implementation

11 advanced Assistant tricks you should really remember on Android | Computerworld


Unsupervised deep learning identifies semantic disentanglement in single inferotemporal face patch neurons | DeepMind

Python map() Function – Explained with Examples

New AI brings the power of natural language processing to African languages | Waterloo News | University of Waterloo

How to Mine Shiba Inu for Free With an Old Laptop: College Student

How To Master Python | DEV Community


What Happened in Reinforcement Learning in 2021

Super Intelligent AI will be impossible to control, claim scientists

MERLIN: A self-supervised strategy to train deep despeckling networks

Google Brain founder Andrew Ng raises $57 million for Landing AI

Build a Command-Line To-Do App With Python and Typer – Real Python

Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man’s Thoughts Into Text With 94% Accuracy

Beginners’ journey to machine learning | DEV Community

Autocorrect Feature using NLP in Python | What is Autocorrect

AI chatbots struggle to understand idioms and metaphors • The Register

7 Top Open Source Datasets to Train Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Text Models | KDnuggets


➗✖️ OpenAI New NLP Challenge: Mathematical Reasoning

How to Use Graph Neural Networks for Text Classification?


New Machine-Learning System Gives Robots Social Skills

Google Introduces Self-Supervised Reversibility-Aware RL Approach

Build Your Own Automated Machine Learning App | KDnuggets


Surprisingly Smart Artificial Intelligence Sheds Light on How the Brain Processes Language

Neural network verification: Where are we and where do we go from here? | SIGPLAN Blog

GitHub Copilot blew my mind on a code-along exercise | DEV Community

A Cartoon Guide to Language Models in NLP (Part 1: Intuition)


The 50 Most Popular Linux & Terminal Commands | Full Course for Beginners | YouTube

Neural Networks from a Bayesian Perspective | KDnuggets


TensorFlow for Beginners With Examples and Python Implementation

Real Estate Investing: How 2 College Friends Accumulated 542 Rental Units

Python Library vs. Implementation From Scratch: 7 Things to Consider | Hacker Noon

ORDAINED: The Python Project Template | KDnuggets

Implementation of PCA on MNIST dataset | Analytics Vidhya

How to Create the Perfect README for Your Open Source Project | DEV Community

Design Patterns for Machine Learning Pipelines | KDnuggets

Best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Available for Linux

Avoiding shortcut solutions in artificial intelligence | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5 Free python eBooks for freshers to read before job interview | TechGig

4 ways to edit photos on the Linux command line |


Top 5 Time Series Methods | KDnuggets

Reinforcement learning frustrates humans in teamplay, MIT study finds – TechTalks

C++ Vector – STD Pattern Vector in CPP with Example Code

Creating APIs with Python | Free 19-Hour Course

Chinese Scientists Create Quantum Processor 60,000 Times Faster Than Current Supercomputers | IFLScience

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