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The complete beginners guide to dynamic programming  | Stack Overflow Blog

How to fix your scientific coding errors

Correcting Text Orientation with Tesseract and Python | PyImageSearch

C++ Templates: How to Iterate through std::tuple: the Basics | C++ Stories


Top 10 Oldest Programming Languages that are Still in Use in 2022

Surprising New Findings on Power and Gaslighting | Psychology Today

Our Brains Keep Us 15 Seconds ‘in The Past’ to Help Us See a Stable World, Says Study

GitHub | jokteur/python_communism: A module for initiating the communist revolution in each of our python modules


GitHub | riti2409/Cplus-plus-STL: C++ STL

6 predictions for open source tech in 2022 |


cuML: Blazing Fast Machine Learning Model Training with NVIDIA's RAPIDS

A Beginner's Introduction to starting out with Scala | Analytics Vidhya


The Beautiful World of Number Theory — The Queen of Mathematics | by Kasper Müller | Jan, 2022 | Cantor’s Paradise

First Molecular Electronics Chip Developed – Realizes 50-Year-Old Goal


Twist: MIT’s New Programming Language for Quantum Computing

Top 10 Best Python Books to Not Miss Out in 2022

Strange Computer Languages: A Hacker’s Field Guide | Hackaday

Identity and authentication in the metaverse | VentureBeat

Game over for India’s booming online gaming Industry? | Internet News | Al Jazeera

Deep physical neural networks trained with backpropagation | Nature


Team develops new algorithm to calculate the best shapes for things to come

Researchers Build AI That Builds AI | Quanta Magazine

OpenAI Announces Question-Answering AI WebGPT

New: Annals of Mathematics and Philosophy | Daily Nous

Meta says it’s building the world’s fastest AI supercomputer | YouTube

Introducing Text and Code Embeddings in the OpenAI API

Component Spacing in a Design System | CSS-Tricks | CSS-Tricks


Who needs a Raspberry Pi Microcontroller Chip? Maybe You – EEJournal

Which Programming Paradigm Gives the Most Expressive Code? | Fluent C++

Silicon die teardown: a look inside an early 555 timer chip

Linux Foundation launches Open Source Software Development, Linux, and Git certification | ZDNet

How Infinite Series Reveal the Unity of Mathematics | Quanta Magazine

Game Theory Explains Why Popular Baby Names Come and Go | Discover Magazine

Equations built giants like Google. Who’ll find the next billion-dollar bit of maths? | David Sumpter | The Guardian


How to use Android's built-in Google TV/Android TV remote

DIY “Solid State Drive” Puts Four Bytes In Your Pocket | Hackaday


What is POSIX? Why Does it Matter to Linux/UNIX Users? | It's FOSS

Our favorite Linux commands to use just for fun |

Online Tool Turns STLs Into 3D ASCII Art | Hackaday

5 Download-Free OCR Websites That Let You Convert Images to Text for Free

10 Useful Tools for Python Developers


Steamworks Development | Steam Deck Anti-Cheat Update | Steam News

Nobody Saves the World gives a glimpse into a combat-focused Zelda | Polygon

How a sailboat helped Canada drop ocean sensors in the remote south Atlantic to study climate change | CBC News

Help students learn programming with Bitsy |

Battlefield 2042 free to play possibility raised after poor performance | GamesRadar+

243-Year-Old Impossible Puzzle Solved Using Quantum Entanglement | IFLScience


Super Rare Games launches indie publishing label Super Rare Originals |

Quantum-Inspired Annealing Using C# or Python — Visual Studio Magazine

Meta's new learning algorithm can teach AI to multi-task | MIT Technology Review

Linux-friendly e-ink PineNote tablet takes a step forward | ZDNet

Introducing the First Self-Supervised Algorithm for Speech, Vision and Text | Meta

How artificial intelligence can be used to identify solar panel defects – pv magazine International

c++ faq | The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List | Stack Overflow

Appsmith, an Open Source Low-Code Framework to Build Internal Apps – The New Stack

An Update of my Book "Concurrency with Modern C++" |

10 Python IDEs Every Programmer Should Know


Google Play Games for PC, which brings Android games to Windows, enters beta testing – TechCrunch

Canada bet big on a national AI strategy. Is it paying off? | The Logic

Adding WiFi Remote Control To Home Electronics? Be Prepared To Troubleshoot | Hackaday


Wine 7.0 released with support for more GPUs, gaming with multiple displays, and more | Liliputing

The Language of the Universe: Seeing the Natural World Through a Mathematical Lens

Raspberry Pi RP2040 is now available in quantities for 70 cents and up | CNX Software

Perform unit tests using GoogleTest and CTest |

Newgen Software Standalone December 2021 Net Sales at Rs 186.20 crore, up 10.1% Y-o-Y

I2C To The Max With ATtiny | Hackaday

Digital mapmaking innovations are revolutionizing travel

BrainChip's AI for IoT Akida Spiking Neural Network Accelerators Go Mass Market |

Board of Newgen Software Technologies approves acquisition of Number Theory Software | Business Standard News

A DIY CAD Mouse You Can Actually Build | Hackaday


Twitter Thread Highlights How Complex Game Development Is | GameSpot

Tiny New Sensor – That Could Fit in a Smartphone – Makes the Invisible Visible

TinyML is bringing neural networks to microcontrollers – TechTalks

The new Qt Quick Compiler technology

Raspberry Pi Direct: buy RP2040 in bulk from just $0.70 | Raspberry Pi

Linux 5.17 Picks Up A Real-Time Analysis Tool | Phoronix

Enforcing the pyramid of Open Source |

Electromyography Hack Chat | Hackaday


The 7 Best Distraction-Free Online Writing Tools

Open Source Replacement For EzCAD | Hackaday

ESP32-CAM: TinyML Image Classification | Fruits vs Veggies |


Python For Machine Learning (ML) Course | MarkTechPost

Is Open Source Really Free if We Aren’t Allowed to Break It? – The New Stack

How a Simple Math Equation Can Transform Your Productivity

3 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy in January | The Motley Fool


Why Is Python Popular for Data Science?

What makes Linux the sustainable OS |

What Is POSIX? How It Relates to Linux

The Best Photogrammetry Software (Free and Paid)

Nvidia’s Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution tech is out now – here’s how to enable it | Rock Paper Shotgun

Learning python in 2022 — go get it | by Ammett W | Medium

How to View and Monitor Disk Space Usage From the Linux Command Line – CloudSavvy IT

Canonical neural networks perform active inference | Communications Biology

BMW’s Fifth-Generation Electric Motor Is a Magnet-Free Masterpiece


When open-source developers go bad | ZDNet

Rediscovering One of the Most Remarkable Formulas in Mathematics | by Kasper Müller | Jan, 2022 | Cantor’s Paradise

Open Source Sabotage Incident Hits Software Supply Chain | eSecurityPlanet

NLP Tutorials Part -I from Basics to Advance | Analytics Vidhya

Modern Alternatives to Some of the Classic Linux Commands | It's FOSS

Mathematicians Clear Hurdle in Quest to Decode Primes | Quanta Magazine

MangoPi MQ Pro will be a Raspberry Pi Zero-sized computer with a RISC-V processor | Liliputing

Making Open Source software safer and more secure

IPython 8.0 out now with slimmer code base, enhanced coding experience • DEVCLASS

Google Maps and the Technology Behind the Popular Navigation App

Google calls for new government action to protect open-source software projects | The Verge

Evolution study suggests DNA mutations are less random than we thought

Developer Sabotages Own Code

Apple to Attend White House Meeting to Discuss Security Risks of Open-Source Software | MacRumors

An open source developer’s guide to 12-Factor App methodology |

Android users can now disable 2G to block Stingray attacks


Ubuntu 22.04 to Bring the Desktop to Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Users — via Clever Compression Tricks |

New NVIDIA driver will support DLDSR and Freestyle SSRTGI | Shacknews

How to build an open source metaverse |

Deep learning will play a key role in the future of business | World Economic Forum

Artificial intelligence: What the C-suite needs to know | World Economic Forum


Raspberry Pi system can detect viruses on other devices without use of software

NVIDIA DLDSR, Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution, Coming January 14 | PC Perspective

NPMs Sabotaged as OSS Sustainability Crisis Continues |

Five steps to bringing new AI technology to market

Artificially altered material could accelerate neuromorphic device development


The Illustrated Retrieval Transformer – Jay Alammar – Visualizing machine learning one concept at a time.

Single Board Computer Relay Trainer

Reading Input and Writing Output in Python – Real Python

Raspberry Pi Enables Open Source Brain-Computer Interface | Tom’s Hardware

Python Inner Functions (Overview) – Real Python

Opersys | Embedded Training and Development

Measuring Trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Lecture 5: Preprocessing and sklearn pipelines — CPSC 330 Applied Machine Learning

It might be time to consider running Ubuntu on your smartphone | TechRadar

Indie Retro News: Randoom | A challenging yet enjoyable C64 game released by Picaro Games

Google News | Artificial intelligence | Latest

GitHub | sszczep/chrome-extension-webpack: Get started with Chrome extensions development using webpack, TypeScript, Sass, and more.

GitHub | Project loom-lab

GitHub | madMAx43v3r/mmx-node

GitHub | CVE-2021-44733: Fuzzing and exploitation of a use-after-free in the Linux kernel TEE subsystem

GitHub | aldanor/aoc-2021: Advent of Code 2021

GitHub | adrianscheff/simple-awk: Simple and practical guide to awk.

Episode #64: Detecting Deforestation With Python & Using GraphQL With Django and Vue – The Real Python Podcast

Episode #54: Building a Neural Network and How to Write Tests in Python – The Real Python Podcast

Developer sabotages his own apps, then claims Aaron Swartz was murdered | Ars Technica

Developer nukes his extensively used JS libraries to protest corporate use without compensation | TechSpot

Developer Corrupts Two Huge Open-Source NPM Libraries

CI/CD With GitHub Actions | codedamn

Can you solve it? Gödel’s incompleteness theorem | Mathematics | The Guardian

Canon can’t get enough toner chips, so it’s telling customers how to defeat its DRM | Ars Technica

Brain-inspired global-local learning incorporated with neuromorphic computing | Nature Communications

3D Block image generated on the fly


The trouble with Roblox, the video game empire built on child labour | Games | The Guardian

Mike Rankin Wants to Make USB-C PD as Easy as 1-2-3, with His ESP32-Based USB-C PD Trigger Board! |

GitHub | nvim-neo-tree/neo-tree.nvim: Neovim plugin to manage the file system and other tree like structures.

GitHub | bangle-io/bangle-io: A web only WYSIWYG note taking app that saves notes locally in markdown format.

Dev corrupts NPM libs ‘colors’ and ‘faker’ breaking thousands of apps

Are we witnessing the dawn of post-theory science? | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian


QT Py ESP32 Pico V3 first revision complete! « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

New Opportunities: Top Deep Learning Jobs to Apply in Jan 2022

GitHub | symfony-cli/symfony-cli: The Symfony CLI tool


Word2vec Word Embedding Operations: Add, Concatenate or Average Word Vectors? | Baeldung on Computer Science

[V1 no Boston ISO] Predictions 2022: Top Analysts See the Future of Data | YouTube

UI/UX Design: 3 Major Things to Absolutely Avoid | by Nick Lawrence | Jan, 2022 | UX Planet

SparkFun's ZED-F9K Breakout Offers High-Accuracy Dead-Reckoning Positioning on a Qwiic Connection |

Recognizing Speech with a Raspberry Pi |

PsyLink An Open Source Neural Interface For Non-Invasive EMG | Hackaday

GitHub | xiecat/fofax: fofaX is a command line query tool based on the API of, simple is the best!

GitHub | symfony/html-sanitizer: The HtmlSanitizer component provides an object-oriented API to sanitize untrusted HTML input for safe insertion into a document's DOM.

Eye Blink Counter using OpenCV Python | Computer Vision | YouTube

Deep learning and large language: How A.I. is set to evolve in 2022

Board with 25 RGB LEDs is offered with ESP32-C3 or ESP32-Pico-D4 | CNX Software

Are Cloud-Based IDEs the Future of Software Engineering? – The New Stack


Tiny LED Matrix Panels Tile Together Perfectly | Hackaday

NVIDIA is offering a four-hour, self-paced course on MLOps

Launching spchcat, an open-source speech recognition tool for Linux and Raspberry Pi « Pete Warden's blog

Git Workflows | Solo Vs Team Work, Undoing Mistakes, Contributing to Open Source… and more | DEV Community

AI Technology in 2022 | YouTube


Why Do Machine Learning Models Die In Silence? | KDnuggets

5 Best Practices for Securing SSH | Teleport


Is it safe to use an old, outdated or preowned Android phone? | CNET

Individual artificial intelligence: A new technology that will change our world – TechTalks

Google Trains 280 Billion Parameter AI Language Model Gopher

5 tips for learning a new programming language in 2022 |

10 Git tutorials to level up your open source skills in 2022 |


Top 10 Best Machine Learning Companies to Join in 2022

KiCad 6.0.0 Brings a New Look, New Features, and a Much Improved 3D Viewer for Your PCB Designs |

Detecting Evasive Malware on IoT Devices Using Electromagnetic Emanations

Another Homebrew Linux Board Success Story | Hackaday

AI’s 6 Worst-Case Scenarios | IEEE Spectrum

Adafruit ESP32-S2 TFT Feather Brings Espressif's SoC to Bear on a Full-Color Display Feather |

30 startups that show how open source ate the world in 2021 | VentureBeat


GitHub | trbznk/wallc: Calculate the layout on the wall to hang up pictures

GitHub | fantastic001/Mako: Tool for making weekly schedules, organizing projects and measuring progress in achieving goals.

GitHub | codazoda/https-basic-auth-go: A template for using HTTP Basic Authentication in Go

Canonical Hiring For An Ubuntu Linux Desktop Gaming Product Manager | Phoronix

An OpenSCAD Library For All Your CNC Cutting Needs | Hackaday

All In: Why Korean Air Became The First Major Carrier To Completely Switch To AWS Cloud | Simple Flying

10 DIY IoT projects to try using open source tools |


NeoPixel Punk Console Drives WS2812s Using 555 Timers | Hackaday

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