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Raspberry Pi Competitor Ranks Swell With Orange Pi 4 LTS | Tom’s Hardware

Projets de Raspberry Pi Pico pour les radioamateurs : un nouveau livre avec des conseils et des astuces | Elektor Magazine

Pico Oscilloscope | DroneBot Workshop

Insertion Sort – Algorithm Example in Java and C++

Ever imagined that Artificial Intelligence would Apply jobs on your behalf, Think Again! | News | Khaleej Times

3D Printering: Giants | Hackaday


Raspberry Pi Pico Controls LEDs with Joystick Input | Tom’s Hardware


Color Intelligence unveils Colourlab Ai 2.0 | CG Channel


Using artificial intelligence to find anomalies hiding in massive datasets | MIT News

Using Artificial Intelligence To Find Anomalies Hiding in Massive Datasets in Real Time

Custom SSD Gives New Life To Handheld Atom PC | Hackaday

Artificial intelligence listens to the sound of healthy machines

A method to automatically generate radar-camera datasets for deep learning applications


MythTV 32 Released With Vulkan Rendering, Tons Of Other Improvements | Phoronix


Two top jobs in the booming AI industry | TechRepublic

Swedish kid melange: how Martin Takaichi designed Tales from the Loop’s board game from his own childhood | Dicebreaker

Risks of using AI to grow our food are substantial and must not be ignored, warn researchers

Raspberry Pi Powered USB4VC Connects Modern Peripherals to Retro PCs | Tom’s Hardware

Pixelating Text Not A Good Idea | Hackaday

Meet the robots that can reproduce, learn and evolve all by themselves | New Scientist

Java And C++ And Python Programming In Complete Course

GitHub | X360Tools/PicoRGH: RGH 1.2 for Trinity on a Raspberry Pi Pico

Article recommendations and increasing engagement with OpenAI GPT-3 Embeddings

Apple’s First AR/VR Headset to Launch by the End of the Year


The world’s tiniest battery could power a new generation of wearable sensors

MicroPython: Program ESP32/ESP8266 using Mu Editor | Random Nerd Tutorials

Meta Open-Sources Multi-Modal AI Algorithm Data2vec

Fully learnable deep wavelet transform for unsupervised monitoring of high-frequency time series | PNAS

2 Artificial Intelligence Stocks You Can Buy and Hold for the Next Decade | The Motley Fool


Using deep learning to annotate the protein universe | Nature Biotechnology

Top 10 AI Companies in 2022

Can machine-learning models overcome biased datasets? | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Be more sarcastic with Raspberry Pi Pico | Raspberry Pi


Winamp Reborn With The Adafruit PyPortal | Hackaday

Homemade Panadapter Brings Waterfall To Old Radio | Hackaday


Open Source Tool Unredacter restores text that has been pixelated | gHacks Tech News

Hiddenite: A New AI Processor Based on a Cutting-Edge Neural Network Theory


The Deep Learning Toolbox Now Apparently Includes Ground-Up Glass | IEEE Spectrum

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Detects Heat Anomalies with Machine Learning | Tom’s Hardware

Raspberry Pi Pico’s RP2040 Gains Long-Range Radio | Tom’s Hardware

More Than Just a Game: Designing for Esports | Steelcase

Easily Use Linux Terminal on Android With These Apps

Classic Chat: Preserving Computer History | Hackaday Blog / Making A Cross Platform Mobile & Desktop App with Qt 6.2


Using machine learning to understand how brain cells work

IOT Chip Announcement – SatNews

Building A High-Capacity Linear Servo Actuator | Hackaday

Best Raspberry Pi Pico projects | Raspberry Pi

Are You Still Using Real Data to Train Your AI? | IEEE Spectrum


Your next laptop may be designed by AI | ZDNet

Top 10 Most Promising Regtech Companies In India 2022 | Inventiva

Secure Code Quickly as You Write It  – The New Stack

Raspberry Pi PiCamera2 Library Gets Preview Release | Tom’s Hardware

Old Version | A Crash Course in Calendars, Dates, Time, and Time Zones | Marc Gregoire | YouTube

Cloud Security Alliance publishes guidelines to bridge compliance and DevOps

AWS’s AI code reviewer now spots Log4Shell-like bugs in Java and Python code | ZDNet


You Can Send MIDI Over I2C If You Really Need To | Hackaday

TOPCon vs PERC – a battle between fast learning curves – pv magazine International

Priyanjali Gupta Sign Language: Engineering student’s AI model turns American Sign Language into English in real-time

NPTEL Programming in Modern C++ Assignment 3 Answers 2022 | QuizXP

NPTEL An Introduction to Programming Through C++ Assignment 4 Answers 2022 | QuizXP

My thoughts on writing a Minecraft server from scratch (in Bash)

MIT Develops New Programming Language for High-Performance Computers

Machine Learning Becomes a Mathematical Collaborator | Quanta Magazine

How to Automate PKI for DevOps With Open Source Tools |

Ford releases open-source CAD files for 3D printing truck accessories | 3D Printing Industry

Constant references are not always your friends | Belay the C++

Aspinity Launches AML100 Analog TinyML Chip, Promises 95 Percent Power Saving |


The 114 standard C++ algorithms. Introduction | by Šimon Tóth | Feb, 2022 | ITNEXT

Rust and OpenCV. We all know why Rust is so great… | by Jonathan Österberg | Dev Genius

Number Plate Detection with OpenCV and Python | Don’t Repeat Yourself

New Version of GPT-3: A Game-Changing Language Model by Open AI

New algorithm to measure entanglement entropy

C++ Templates: How to Iterate through std::tuple: std::apply and More | C++ Stories

Alibaba open-sources KNAS, a low consumption AutoML algorithm

AI/ML Can Fix Mistakes of Error-prone Quantum Computers


SerenityOS: Building an Operating System from Scratch – The New Stack

OBS Studio 27.2 Released with Official Flatpak Support, More Robust PipeWire Capturing | 9to5Linux

GitHub | novak-99/MLPP: A library created to revitalize C++ as a machine learning front end. Per aspera ad astra.

First-Ever Turing Network Development Award for Research Into Artificial Intelligence


Top 5 Python Projects for Beginners to Look Out for in 2022

Top 5 Latest Machine learning NPC Use in Video Games

New robots—smarter and faster—are taking over warehouses | The Economist

Computers can write their own code. So are programmers now obsolete? | John Naughton | The Guardian

Color Dot Puzzle Will Wrinkle Your Brain | Hackaday


OpenAI Chief Scientist Says Advanced AI May Already Be Conscious

OpenAI Chief Scientist Says Advanced AI May Already Be Conscious

Enjoy Never-ending Breakbeats Courtesy of Raspberry Pi Pico | Tom’s Hardware


This AI beat the world’s best Gran Turismo players | Ars Technica

The Frontiers of Knowledge Award goes to Judea Pearl for laying the foundations of modern artificial intelligence

(FT4) More OM-1 specs: 2 stops improvement, new battery, new artificial intelligence… – 43 Rumors

Cue the qubits: Where quantum computing intersects ESG | Greenbiz

Crunchyroll | Sony Announces Gran Turismo Sophy Artificial Intelligence Project

Andrew Ng: Unbiggen AI | IEEE Spectrum


Top resources to learn quantum machine learning

Top 5 artificial intelligence APIs in 2022

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in 2022: Where is the World Headed?

Securing the Development & Supply Chain of Open Source Software (OSS)

Resource Technology Innovations Podcast | YouTube

Raspberry Pi Network Bootloader Solves the "Chicken and Egg" Problem of Getting an OS on Your SBC |

IBM Eagle Has A Lot Of Qubits | Hackaday

An ancient language has defied decryption for 100 years. Can AI crack the code? - Rest of World

'Apple Car' needs Machine Learning to make driving decisions fast enough | AppleInsider


Stanford to offer Free Machine Learning with Graphs course online from fall

Review: My new job includes a company car that must cost at least $80,000. What should I buy? | The Globe and Mail

Quantum Holograms Don’t Even Need to “See” Their Subject | IEEE Spectrum

Quantum computing and the future of financial services | Mastercard Newsroom

Indie Retro News: Kind of Blue | A humble PC remake of the C64 classic Blue Max gets a demo

Great Industrial Design Student Work: The 3D-Printed Mokit Connector | Core77

Demystifying Machine-Learning Systems: Automatically Describing Neural Network Components in Natural Language


The Q2, A PDP8-Like Discrete Transistor Computer | Hackaday

MIT Researchers Introduce a Machine Learning Technique that can Automatically Describe the Roles of Individual Neurons

Cytron Maker Nano RP2040 Review: Small and Feature Packed | Tom’s Hardware


The Invention of Battlezone | IEEE Spectrum

Metaverse 101: Defining the key components | VentureBeat

Looping With Python enumerate() – Real Python

Looping With Python enumerate() (Overview) – Real Python

LinkedIn Introduces DARWIN: A Unified “One-Stop” Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Platform

GitHub | RamblingMadMan/metacpp: Meta C++ Library and Tool


OpenAI’s neural theorem prover can solve Math Olympiad problems

Meta gives away a free video dataset of 846 hours

Hydrogen-soaked crystal lets neural networks expand to match a problem | Ars Technica

Artist Uses AI To Create Photorealistic Versions Of Disney And 'Simpsons' Characters


Update on Firefox Reality

System76 Linux workstation looks ready for gaming, too | Ars Technica

Mozilla explains the January 2022 Firefox outage that blocked connections | gHacks Tech News

IronSource launches analytics for app developers | VentureBeat

GitHub | NVlabs/instant-ngp: Instant neural graphics primitives: lightning fast NeRF and more

GitHub | InfuseAI/colab-xterm: Open a terminal in colab, including the free tier.

GitHub | deepmind/code_contests

Become a Linux expert just in time for the 2022 boom | TechRepublic

A Fight Over the Right to Repair Cars Turns Ugly | WIRED


See Basics of C/C++ and DSA Week Workshop at Google Developer Student Clubs Poornima College of Engineering | Jaipur

DeepMind shares a list of free AI & ML resources

Competitive programming with AlphaCode | DeepMind

Competitive programming with AlphaCode | DeepMind

A robot made these colorful cave maps | Popular Science


View your Linux server’s network connections with netstat |

7 Steps to Mastering Machine Learning with Python in 2022 | KDnuggets

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