Tech News, Mar 2022



Reshaping Human Body Types With AI | Unite.AI

Language: why artificial general intelligence may be impossible | Big Think

CNC Toolpath Visualisation With OpenCV | Hackaday

As artificial intelligence gets smarter, is it game over for humans? | Letters | The Guardian


Visit The World’s Largest Computer Museum: The Heinz Nixdorf | Hackaday

Two University of Waterloo researchers receive grants to help build metaverse

The Guardian view on bridging human and machine learning: it’s all in the game | Editorial | The Guardian

Some AI Systems May Be Impossible to Compute | IEEE Spectrum

Python for Beginners: When and How to Use Tuples – The New Stack

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence [Webinar]

IBM’s Open Source GT4SD Generates Ideas for Scientists – The New Stack

How to Install and Run Android 12L on PC (Easy Guide) | Beebom

How to compost—and why it’s good for the environment

How AI Can Save Lives | SciShow Compilation | YouTube

Can the world overshoot its climate targets — and then fix it later? | Grist


OmniML releases platform for building lightweight ML models for the edge | VentureBeat

Minze, a Minimalistic JS Library for Creating Web Components

Meta office in Toronto: Facebook owner expands into Canada, opens new jobs |

Investing in Canadian Talent to Help Build for the Metaverse | Meta

Indie Retro News: Happy Go Blocky -An Experimental C64 game using Multicolor FLI Overlace graphics shown!

Facebook’s Meta announces huge new tech hub in Toronto with plans for 2,500 jobs

Breaking into the black box of artificial intelligence

Bagman Strikes Back (C64) by LC-Games

2030 Emissions Reduction Plan – Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy |


You Get A Green Hydrogen Hub! And You Get A Green Hydrogen Hub!

What you need to know about leading and mentoring high achievers

Top 10 Algorithms Helping the Superintelligent AI Growth in 2022

PDP-11/34 Restoration And The Virtue Of Persistence | Hackaday


Seeing an elusive magnetic effect through the lens of machine learning

Arduino Pro Portenta X8 is a tiny, Linux-ready single-board computer | Liliputing


Ingenious AI Method Could Find Precious New Rare-Earth Compounds

C isn’t a programming language anymore • The Register


Java 18 Introduces Features to Enable New Developers | ITPro Today: IT News, How-Tos, Trends, Case Studies, Career Tips, More

H100 Transformer Engine Supercharges AI Training, Delivering Up to 6x Higher Performance Without Losing Accuracy | NVIDIA Blog


Many Americans distrust emerging technology, new study finds | Engadget

AI came up with thousands of chemical weapons just hours after being give the task by scientists  | Daily Mail Online


Math Behind Graph Neural Networks | Rishabh Anand

Margaret Hamilton Recalls Her Life as a Programming Pioneer – The New Stack


Lensless Camera Captures Cellular-Level Details in 3D | BioScan | May/Jun 2022 | BioPhotonics


When It Comes to AI, Can We Ditch the Datasets? | Neuroscience News

Machine Learning Reimagines the Building Blocks of Computing | Quanta Magazine


Ubuntu Touch could breathe new life into the troubled JingPad A1 Linux tablet | Liliputing

Top 15 forgotten ML algorithms

Cerebras brings CS-2 system to data analysis biz nference • The Register


I replaced Android on a Pixel 3 with an Android-based privacy OS


Researchers Use Flat Lenses for Realistic-Looking 3D Displays Without Glasses


Researchers use flat lenses to extend viewing distance for 3D display


Transfer learning offers new insight into machine-learning error estimation

Problems with no solution: a harsh reality, from math to politics | Big Think

How to quickly deploy a Linux distribution with GUI applications via a container | TechRepublic

How an OSPO Can Help Secure Your Software Supply Chain – The New Stack


10 Best Computer Science Courses to Take in 2022


Shared computational principles for language processing in humans and deep language models | Nature Neuroscience

AlphaFold, GPT-3 and How to Augment Intelligence with AI | Future


Top 10 Python Programming Tips and Tricks Beginners to Follow

sdl-compat 1.2.52 Debuts As Initial SDL-1.2-Atop-SDL-2.0 Release | Phoronix

How to Store 3D Printer Filament and Keep it Dry | Tom’s Hardware


Renesas introduces RZ/Five Linux-capable 64-bit RISC-V microprocessor family | CNX Software

Firefly’s Mini-ITX ITX-3588J Is The Hulk to Raspberry Pi’s Bruce Banner | Tom’s Hardware


We Aren't Sure If (Or When) Artificial Intelligence Will Surpass the Human Mind | Discover Magazine

The Linux Foundation's Census of OSS app libraries helps prioritize security work | Help Net Security

Spaceship Repair CTF Covers Hardware Hacker Essentials | Hackaday

Scientists Watch a Memory Form in a Living Brain | Quanta Magazine

NPTEL Programming in Modern C++ Assignment 5 Answers 2022 | QuizXP

Liteboxer is the next contender in the VR fitness ring – TechCrunch

Hardware Hacking 101 Needs Matching Toolkit | Hackaday

Elden Ring Shows How Complacent Open-World Games Have Become | Den of Geek


The WordPress Web Fonts API Has Arrived – WP Tavern

The Return Of SCSI | Hackaday

Soil Moisture Sensor Coating Lessons Learned The Hard Way | Hackaday

Raspberry Pi Alternative Banana Pi Reveals Powerful New Board | Tom’s Hardware

My New Old Apple Macintosh SE/30 Computer

Linux Foundation Lists Top Open Source Libraries |

Harvard census identifies most commonly used open source packages | InfoWorld

GitHub | mustafaquraish/cup: simple, C-like programming language

GitHub | MiSo1289/cmake-embed: CMake script for embedding resources in binaries.

GitHub | maciejpirog/cpp-effects: Effect handlers in C++

GitHub | BikalpaN/Text-Mining-NLP

Enterpret launches with $4.3M, NLP technology to decipher customer feedback – TechCrunch


Researchers Build Neural Networks With Actual Neurons | Hackaday

IndexNow Now Works With Duda, All In One WordPress & Rank Math SEO Plugins

How to Add IndexNow in WordPress to Speed Up SEO Results

Homebound, Skipp: How A.I. makes home renovation jobs easier | Fortune

Civilization Creator Sid Meier Warns that Monetization Can Harm Gaming

BMW And Google Bring The i4 And iX To Your Driveway With New Augmented Reality Experience | Carscoops

10 Best VR/AR Headsets and Glasses You Can Buy Right Now | Beebom

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