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Why science needs more research software engineers

Node.js vs. Python: How to choose the best technology to develop your backend | LogRocket Blog

How to build machine learning models with Databricks?

Clinical artificial intelligence quality improvement: towards continual monitoring and updating of AI algorithms in healthcare | npj Digital Medicine

AWS contributes novel causal machine learning algorithms to DoWhy | Amazon Science


Python News: What's New From May 2022 – Real Python

Gigapixel AI and 3 other ways artificial intelligence is shaping the future | News

Embracing Modern C++ Safely, Book Review | C++ Stories

Deep Learning for algorithmic trading using Python | SmartyBro

Attending to Channels Using Keras and TensorFlow | PyImageSearch


Scientists Discover That the Human Brain Works in 11 Dimensions « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

On the Road to Cleaner, Greener, and Faster Driving – With Some Help From AI

How to Make CircuitPython Projects on a Chromebook | Tom’s Hardware


Linux And C In The Browser | Hackaday

How To Mount and Unmount Drives on Linux | Tom’s Hardware

How I automate plant care using Raspberry Pi and open source tools |

Biologists May Have Solved a 30-Year-Old Mystery on Why Touch Stresses Plants Out

Annotate PDFs On Linux With PDFrankenstein | Hackaday


Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chips | Important Current Affairs Notes on Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chips | GKToday

Maths doesn’t need a rebrand. We should celebrate its diversity and complexity | Letters | The Guardian

How can I join the open source community | DEV Community

How Abstract Concepts Are Represented in the Brain Across Cultures and Languages | Neuroscience News

GitHub saved plaintext passwords of npm users in log files • The Register

Electronic Dice Is Introduction To Microcontroller Programming | Hackaday

3D Print A Colour TV | Hackaday


The worst of both worlds: A comparative analysis of errors in learning from data in psychology and machine learning | Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Nvidia Updates Chip Roadmap to Gear up for AI and Gaming – The New Stack

How to Use PyScript – A Python Frontend Framework

How To Automate Ecommerce Category Page Creation With Python

Decoding quantum computing for aspiring professionals


University at Buffalo develops AI-driven cyber-manufacturing system to increase 3D printing efficiency

Turn any text to an image with Google's latest AI tool 'imagen'

SWO: An ARM Printf By Any Other Name | Hackaday

AI Inventing Its Own Culture, Passing It On to Humans, Sociologists Find

AI2 researchers win 'Test-of-Time' award that honors long-lasting influence for AI-related papers | GeekWire


What Is the Python GIL and Will They Get Rid of It?

Python for Machine Learning

Popular Python and PHP libraries hijacked to steal AWS keys

Popular PyPI Package ‘ctx’ and PHP Library ‘phpass’ Hijacked to Steal AWS Keys

Google claims its text-to-image AI delivers ‘unprecedented photorealism’ | Engadget

Copilot, GitHub’s AI-powered coding tool, will be free for students – TechCrunch

AI reveals unsuspected math underlying search for exoplanets


‘The Game is Over’: AI breakthrough puts DeepMind on verge of achieving human-level artificial intelligence | The Independent

Google’s past failures were on full display at I/O 2022 | Ars Technica

Ancient forest hiding under sinkhole in China unearthed | SCIENCE News


NASA Programmer Remembers Debugging Lisp in Deep Space – The New Stack

Hack Another ELF On The Stack | Hackaday

General AI through scaling: Meta's AI chief Yann LeCun speaks out

15 Vim shortcuts that will make your life easier | DEV Community


How To Manage Users in Linux | Tom’s Hardware


There’s now an algorithm that predicts the future • The Register

Raspberry Pi Pico Converts Retro Game Controllers To USB | Tom’s Hardware

Qualcomm’s new reference AR glasses are wireless and more comfortable | Engadget

Qualcomm’s new AR glasses are thinner and wireless | The Verge


System76 Scheduler 1.2 Released | Now Has Defaults For SteamVR, Flatpak Process Support | Phoronix

Put A New Spin On Your 3D Printed Parts | Hackaday

PCB Linear Motors For Model Trains | Hackaday

OpenAI: DALL-E 2 passes the "Turing Test for vacation photos"

IonQ Announces New Forte Quantum Computer

Google Says It's Closing in on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence

Create a Drum Machine with Python and Pygame

Computer system optimizes 3D printer performance, based on the job

Apple holds internal high-level presentation on AR-VR headset: Bloomberg

10 Pics of Google’s New Eco-Friendly Silicon Valley Campus


We Shouldn't Try to Make Conscious Software–Until We Should | Scientific American

The supergraph: a new way to think about GraphQL | Apollo GraphQL Blog

The Animated Map of Quantum Computing: A Visual Introduction to the Future of Computing | Open Culture

Pwn2Own hacking schedule released – Windows and Linux are top targets – Naked Security

Pull-based GitOps moving to GitLab Free tier

Machine Learning Framework PyTorch Enabling GPU-Accelerated Training on Apple Silicon Macs | MacRumors

Looking for a break in AI & ML? These companies are offering internships

Google’s DeepMind says it is close to achieving ‘human-level’ artificial intelligence | Daily Mail Online


Python Release Python 3.9.13 |

Nvidia’s moved most of the code to firmware before releasing Open-Source Linux drivers | PC Gamer

How To Control Neopixels with BASIC on Raspberry Pi Pico | Tom’s Hardware

Google I/O 2022: Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning breakthroughs, explained | Explained News,The Indian Express

Artificial intelligence to help autonomous vehicles avoid idling at red lights

Artificial intelligence job hiring outperforms human hiring, but humans don’t want to use it


Origin to use AI to encourage rooftop solar panel sales

Machine learning finds fluoride battery materials that could rival lithium | Research | Chemistry World

A hidden Google Maps Street View feature will let you travel back in time | TechRadar


Upcycling A Flat Bed Scanner | Hackaday

Deepmind: Is "Gato" a precursor for general artificial intelligence?


Who Is Thinking About Open Source Firmware? | Hackaday

Electronics And C++ Education With An ATTiny13 | Hackaday


Learn Neural Networks by Building a Self-Driving Car Sim Using JavaScript


Easy Network Config For IoT Devices With RGBeacon | Hackaday


What do symmetric weights mean and how does it make backpropagation biologically implausible?


Scientists add mouth haptics to VR, complete with spiders | PC Gamer


OpenAI’s DALL·E 2 builds AI images that are biased or NSFW • The Register

Chantry Island in Ontario is surrounded by shipwrecks and home to an old lighthouse


Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Looking Quite Good & Shining With Mesa 22.1 | Phoronix

My vision for Open Source pro support

How to Learn Python in 2022


Meta’s Challenge to OpenAI—Give Away a Massive Language Model | IEEE Spectrum

Meet Logseq, an open-source knowledge management system that 'stores data like a brain' | VentureBeat

Clearpath Robotics Launches the TurtleBot 4, Offering an Affordable Autonomous ROS 2 Robot Platform |

20 of our favorite games + source code from Ludum Dare 50 | The GitHub Blog


Linux gaming overlay MangoHud has a new release | GamingOnLinux

Consciousness is the collapse of the wavefunction | Stuart Hameroff » IAI TV


Google Fires Another AI Researcher for Questioning Findings. Company Says Otherwise | CNET

Google faces internal battle over research on AI to speed chip design | Reuters


Steam On Linux Gaming Usage Grew In April | Phoronix


Stunning new AI "could be conscious" | with Elon Musk. | YouTube

Stunning new AI "could be conscious" | with Elon Musk. | YouTube

How To Hide A Photo In A Photo | Hackaday

GCC 12’s Shiny New C++ Features | More Of C++23 Implemented | Phoronix

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