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tio is a serial device I/O tool for Linux targeted at embedded developers | CNX Software

Raspberry Pi Pico W: your $6 IoT platform | Raspberry Pi

Popular old-school editor Vim releases version 9 • The Register

Mojo smart contact lenses with AR display trialed for the first time

Learning biophysical determinants of cell fate with deep neural networks | Nature Machine Intelligence

Electronic Skin Lets Humans Feel What Robots Do–And Vice Versa | Scientific American

Cosmological Thinking Meets Neuroscience in New Theory About Brain Connections | Neuroscience News

Building explainability into the components of machine-learning models | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Math Based Personality For Games | Hackaday


Objective Reality May Not Exist, Scientists Say | Quantum Reality

Meta’s AI Takes an Unsupervised Step Forward | IEEE Spectrum

Intel Benchmarks Show Habana Gaudi2 AI Machine Learning Chip Trouncing NVIDIA’s A100 | HotHardware

Hackaday Prize 2022: The Baffatari 2600 Adds Atari Compatibility To Retrocomputers | Hackaday


Single-axis trackers on commercial rooftops increase generation by 37% – pv magazine International

Linux su vs sudo: what's the difference? |

Keeping race out of machine learning isn't enough to avoid bias

Academic, Industry Leaders Form OpenFold AI Research Consortium to Develop Open Source Software Tools To Understand Biological Systems and Discover New Medicines | Business Wire

35 innovators under 35: AI and robots | MIT Technology Review


Start Studying Machine Learning With PyCharm | The PyCharm Blog

Make a temporary file on Linux with Bash |

GraphQL Optimization: It’s More than N+1 – The New Stack

China questions the safety of open source code amid sanctions and tech dependency risks, but can it build a viable alternative? | South China Morning Post

Build a Tic-Tac-Toe Game With Python and Tkinter – Real Python


The Best Raspberry Pi 4 Alternatives – Review Geek

OpenAI's New AI Learned to Play Minecraft by Watching 70,000 Hours of YouTube

Multiprocessing in Python: The Complete Guide

Let Your Mind Control the Computer | Neuroscience News

Amazon Using A.I. to Bring Voices of Dead Relatives Back to Life: ‘I Hear Dead People’ | CBN News

Amazon Is Teaching Alexa To Talk To You In Your Dead Relatives' Voices |

AI can bring you the voice of dead loved ones. But is this a good thing? | ABC News


Grandma's voice from Amazon Alexa is freaking out the internet | Technology News

Celestron Advanced VX 8 Edge HD telescope full review | Space

‘Aping A Human Brain’ | Chinese Supercomputer, 4th Most Powerful In World, Achieves Big Breakthrough In AI?

Amazon’s Alexa is digitally raising the dead

Amazon’s Alexa could soon mimic voice of dead relatives | Media – Gulf News


Quanta Magazine

How Did Consciousness Evolve? An Illustrated Guide | The MIT Press Reader

A Water Leak Detector That Listens Carefully | Hackaday


Using machine learning to narrow down the possibilities for a better quantum tunneling interface

Amazon launches CodeWhisperer, a GitHub Copilot-like AI pair programming tool – TechCrunch


Open-source language AI challenges big tech’s models

More Old GLSL Code Is Gutted From Mesa 22.2 | Phoronix

MIT Engineers Build LEGO-Like Reconfigurable Artificial Intelligence Chip

Machine Learning Does Its Civic Duty By Spotting Roadside Litter | Hackaday

How to get started with machine learning and AI | Ars Technica

Government of Canada launches second phase of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy |

A supercomputer in China ran a brain-scale AI model with 174 trillion parameters


Humans Can Learn to ‘Echolocate’ in Just 10 Weeks, Experiment Shows


Tips For Winding Durable Coils With Nice, Flat Sides | Hackaday

The Atlantic

Animate Arcane Protocols With Interrupt-Backed Bitbanging | Hackaday


Hyundai teases “Electrified Streamliner” | the new Ioniq 6 | ArenaEV

Google’s AI passed the Turing test — and showed how it's broken | The Washington Post

Design tricks commonly used to monetize young children’s app use, study finds


Working in VR is more stressful and lessens productivity. Big surprise | PC Gamer

Teaching Physics to AI Can Allow It To Make New Discoveries All on Its Own

One year as a solo dev building open-source data tools without funding rebrands as Lightning AI, raises $40M to expand its AI dev tools – TechCrunch


This AI Chip Hits New Ultralow Power Lows | IEEE Spectrum

Text Classification with TensorFlow

New Audio Plugin Standard, CLAP, Offers Open Source Alternative To VST & AU – Synthtopia

How Does the Brain Learn? | Neuroscience News

CLAP is a new open-source plug-in format from Bitwig, u-he | do we need it, and who will use it? | CDM Create Digital Music

Attendance Management System Project in Python |


Valve Releases Proton 7.0-3 with Support for 19 Games to Play on Linux, More Improvements | 9to5Linux

The RP2040 Doth A Motor Controller Make | Hackaday

The First High-Yield, Sub-Penny Plastic Processor | IEEE Spectrum

Share your Linux terminal with tmate |

Quantum computer programming for dummies

Linux Fu: Up Your GDB Game! | Hackaday


True Grit: Keeping the Faith, or Willingness to Push Yourself, as You Age | Neuroscience News

The right to repair | The Hindu

Quanta Magazine

Math for Machine Learning: 14 Must-Read Books | Machine Learning Techniques

How to Use Nohup to Run Linux Scripts Unattended | Tom’s Hardware

Google engineer says Lamda AI system may have its own feelings | BBC News

Google engineer claims LaMDA AI is sentient | Live Science

Credentials for thousands of open source projects free for the taking—again! | Ars Technica


ML Engineer Teaches Graph Algorithms with Dungeons & Dragons – The New Stack


Hybrid climate model helps capture cloud data | SYFY WIRE

Homebrew An OS From Scratch? Snowdrop Shows How It’s Done | Hackaday


Why it’s so hard to market enterprise AI/ML products and what to do about it – TechCrunch

We Asked an AI to Draw a Self-Portrait

Using GraphQL with Strawberry, FastAPI, and Next.js | LogRocket Blog

Does brain activity cause consciousness? A thought experiment | PLOS Biology


Techniques for Training Large Neural Networks

Strong Showing for First Experimental RISC-V Supercomputer

How smarter AI will change creativity | The Economist

Everything you need to know about Linux ls command.

An in vitro model of neuronal ensembles | Nature Communications

50 terrible coding tips for a C++ developer


SDL Adds Initial Support For LoongArch | Phoronix

Quanta Magazine

Prototype Photonic Chip Reportedly Classifies Nearly 2 Billion Images per Second | Tom’s Hardware

Induction Heater Uses New Coil | Hackaday

How to Use the nohup Command in Linux


TSMC Might Spend NT$ 1 Trillion For New 2nm Plant | Shares U.S. Chip Plant Update 

Technique significantly boosts the speeds of programs that run in the Unix shell

GoI launches AI for India campaign to teach AI to 25L citizens

Artificial Intelligence: Four skills that won’t be replaced by Artificial Intelligence in the future | The Economic Times

Artificial intelligence enters its industrial age | The Economist

Amazon India launches 2nd edition of ML Summer School

10 key roles for AI success | CIO


WunderGraph | The Next Generation API Developer Platform | is Open Source! | WunderGraph

‘Write fewer papers, take more risks’: Researchers call for ‘rebellion’ against academic convention

We’re told AI neural networks ‘learn’ the way humans do. A neuroscientist explains why that’s not the case

Spontaneous Formation Of RNA On Volcanic Glass Could Explain Life’s Origins | IFLScience

Quanta Magazine

Python 3.11 Performance Benchmarks Are Looking Fantastic | Phoronix

Photonic Chip Performs Image Recognition at the Speed of Light | IEEE Spectrum

Multiplatform Linux ‘pretty much done’ says Linus Torvalds • The Register

Google Deepmind Intros Generalist AI Which May Lead to AGI |

DALL·E 2 uses AI to transform famous paintings into different styles

A machine-learning method hallucinates its way to better text translation

AI translates maths problems into code to make them easier to solve | New Scientist


Quantum chip: A novel quantum computer Borealis achieves computational advantage

How to use logistic regression for image classification? 

An Evernote-Compatible Sticky Notes App for Linux Desktops | OMG! Ubuntu!


US passes world’s first ‘right to repair’ law for digital electronics | IBTimes India

Perceptron: Robots that feel pain and AI that predicts soccer players’ movements – TechCrunch

For Apple, WWDC 2022 is all about augmented reality | The Verge

AI Learns Coral Reef ‘Song' | Neuroscience News

AI is Ushering In a New Scientific Revolution


Optimizing Linux Pipes | Hackaday

Best Practices for Naming Variables: What the Research Shows – The New Stack

6 deprecated Linux commands and the tools you should be using instead | Enable Sysadmin


Text To Image AI Has Created Its Own Secret Language, Researcher Claims | IFLScience

Linux Fu: Easy Widgets | Hackaday

Don’t Drive Away Your Developers: IT Processes to Defeat Burnout – The New Stack


Building Faster Rsync From Scratch In Go | Hackaday

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